Brand & Marketing Research Experience

Steve Marlow, President, Marlow Group

As a point of introduction, I’m Steven Marlow, President of the Marlow Group, a premier brand marketing, and marketing research consulting firm.

In regards to my business background, I’m a seasoned marketing research pro with over twenty five years of extensive experience having worked for some of the biggest and best corporations in the world (Click for resume). Equally as important, I have had the privilege and opportunity to hold senior level positions in all three aspects of this business…corporate (Time Inc., General Foods, Chesebrough-Ponds, and M&M Mars), advertising agencies (BBDO, DMB&B), and the consulting side of the business (Ross Cooper Lund, a division of NFO Worldwide, and now currently heading the Marlow Group).

Some of my many business accomplishments were as follows:

  • Spearheaded the introduction of REAL SIMPLE magazine, later awarded magazine of the year

  • Directed the brand and editorial repositioning of TIME magazine leading to increased ad revenues and circulation

  • Managed the introduction of Twix and Summit candy and cookies entries into the US market

  • Mainly responsible for the repositioning of the General Electric brand and the development of its “Good Things To Life” campaign

  • Spearheaded the product introduction of Vaseline Intensive Care Lotion

  • Directed the brand strategies for all the Reynolds Metal consumer products

  • Responsible for the repositioning of British Airways within the US market

  • Directed the brand and image strategies for Pepsi Cola and the Gillette brand
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