How We Work

Marlow Group …A Disciplined Approach to Solving Business Problems

Initial Professional Diagnosis Is Critical

When it comes to medical conditions, one never hesitates in seeking out professional medical diagnosis.  The same should be true within your business world.  When faced with difficult and pressing business problems, bring in a professional who has the experience and know-how to properly assess the situation.

We, at Marlow Group, pride ourselves in first helping clients fully understand the nature of their business problem. This is the critical first step…. proper diagnosis of the business problem, and it should not be left for chance or guesswork.

Information to Be Sought

Only when there is full agreement and understanding of the nature of the problem should one proceed to the next step. 

We at the Marlow Group then fully digest that business problem, and then begin to serve as a problem solver determining the range of information that needs to be sought in direct response to solving that business issue.  Information sought often source from three areas…internal data, secondary data, and primary marketing research data.

The Marlow Group as part of its discipline takes responsibility to first and foremost review all internal and secondary data prior to seeking out what informational gaps still exist, and what new research potentially needs to be conducted.

Proposing Research…Study Design is Critical

With a full and comprehensive understanding of all existing information available, Marlow Group then assesses the informational gaps that then need to be addressed.  The Marlow Group prides itself in its ability to properly define the information needed, and then devotes a considerably amount of time expanding on how that information can be obtained…starting with the correct study design, target audience definitions, areas of questioning, analysis required,  actionability of the research, and cost and timing parameters.

Marlow Group…Your Center for Marketing Research
Where Disciplined Thinking Works In Concert In Providing Quality Research Results You Can Trust, and Marketing Insights That Drive Better Decision-Making

Another unique benefit of the Marlow Group is our Center for Marketing Research where we are privileged to work in partnership with two other outstanding research organizations…one LevineMarketResearch, a full service strategically based market research firm specializing in Quantitative research, andiQualitativeResearch, a firm specializing in focus groups and one-on-one interviews that may be conducted either in person or online with the use of webcams in respondents homes and offices.

Our Commitment

In keeping with our personal commitment to providing sound and reliable marketing and marketing research information that clients can trust, your Center for Marketing Research has the full capability to approach any potential marketing issue with exceptional thinking, backed by 25+ years of extensive research and business experience, and supported by integrated state of the art qualitative and quantitative research tools. The Marlow Group stands for its ability to provide sound thinking leading to relevant and actionable results, and ultimately better decision-making.

Challenge Us

We welcome the opportunity to contribute to your business, and provide the quality of marketing intelligence and value-added benefits you demand, and our superior thinking should immediately provide you the competitive marketplace advantage you also need to succeed today.

Do challenge us with your most pressing marketing and research issues, and allow us an opportunity to present our thinking without any cost or obligation. Click here to contact us.