Marlow Group - A Full Service Marketing Research Company

Our Mission - Helping Companies Grow

The Marlow Group has a mission to understand and clarify the business needs of our clients, then serve as a problem solver in first assessing, and then proposing how to best generate the marketing research needed. From all available internal, secondary and primary research resources, we respond to these business issues in helping companies grow their business.

In keeping with our personal commitment to provide sound and reliable marketing and marketing research information that clients can trust, the Center for Marketing Research has the full capability to approach any potential marketing issue with exceptional thinking, backed by 25+ years of extensive research and business experience, and supported by integrated state of the art qualitative and quantitative research tools. We provide sound thinking leading to relevant and actionable results, and better business decision-making.

We welcome the opportunity to contribute to your business, and provide the quality of marketing intelligence and value-added benefits you demand, and our superior thinking that should immediately provide you the competitive marketplace advantage you also need today. Do challenge us with your most pressing business and marketing issues. Click here to contact us.

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